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Katherine Mills magician London

Katherine Mills — Corporate

Katherine Mills magician is an expert at psychological magic and close-up trickery, the kind that gets any corporate event buzzing. And it’s the strangest thing, but when objects suddenly appear or disappear, people become animated and the ice is broken. This is wonder at any scale, and Katherine puts on shows that are as expansive as a keynote or as contained as a goldfish emerging from the Marketing Director’s ear.


No Myers-Briggs prepares your people for this. Katherine’s mentalist set brings people out of themselves and into focus with each other. It’s a psychological high-wire act that kick-starts your event with an artful panache.

Katherine can craft sets precisely aligned to your event, whether it’s a launch, AGM, fashion show, she’s made marvels at them all.

As one of the best corporate event magicians based in London, Katherine has the ability to fascinate her audience whether they believe in magic or not. The best live magicians are able to wow even the most sceptical of audiences and Katherine’s extraordinary talent places her into this exceptional category. When people’s jaws finally recover to their closed position, and the shocked laughter dies down, their heads tilt quizzically to their neighbour and a mystified mumbling engulfs the room, ‘how did she do that?’, ‘What just happened?’, ‘But….but that’s impossible!’… Such is the power and skill of Katherine, as a master of her trade and born entertainer.

Katherine Mills — Private Party Magician London

As one of the world’s best stage and TV performers, Katherine is a highly sought after private party magician based in London although she performs all over Great Britain as well as across the world.

Katherine’s magic scales from close-up marvels to full-on party spectaculars, always styled to your precise needs. Whether it’s mentalist trickery with a Victorian stage pedigree or the latest in close-quarters sleight-of-hand, Katherine fills the room with breathless, ‘but how is that possible?’ faces.


Seeing magic or mentalist trickery performed on TV always leaves people a little unconvinced with many exclaiming, “that can’t be real” or “I bet they’re in on it”. Seeing magic in person however, amongst your friends and with no possibility of assistants being used; these questions will be answered and those doubters amongst us will be left eyes wide with bewilderment, believing beyond doubt that Katherine has extraordinary powers!

“Katherine is an absolute delight, brilliant and very engaging. We were all spellbound by her performance and I can recommend her without any hesitation.

— James Hepworth

Equally comfortable performing around tables, mingling amongst guests, or to a 200 person audiences on stage; Katherine has perfected her trade over years of performing at the highest level.

Let’s not forget that people’s desire to be tricked or deceived (or for those believers among us; witness magic!) has been insatiable for hundreds of years, and it is still this way. Who better to help bring a little extra flair to your private party than a woman who is helping redefine this century old practice?

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